Tobia Eco Superior Mattresses and Pillows

The Problem - Chemicals in Our Mattresses

People are becoming increasingly aware of the health risks posed by harmful chemicals used in mattress manufacturing. From petrochemicals, blowing agents and adhesives used in foams, to pesticides and dyes used to produce cotton, to chemical flame retardants, customers are learning that a healthy mattress will make their lives better.

The Solution - Healthy, Non-Toxic, "Eco-superior" Tobia Mattresses

Tobia is responding to this market need by offering a remarkable line of healthy, non-toxic mattresses that are simply better mattresses. Featuring advanced European design, Tobia mattresses are for anybody looking for a luxuriously comfortable sleep experience. Made with cutting edge clean materials technologies, Tobia mattresses are also the perfect choice for people in the market for a healthy green bed. Our superior design and materials make these next-generation mattresses better for people and our environment – literally eco-superior.

The Tobia Difference - Top 4 Benefits


Tobia is the first and only major line of mattresses in which ALL components (foam, cover, fire barrier) are certified by Oeko-tex 100 to contain no harmful chemicals. What does this mean? Each component has been independently tested and awarded Oeko-tex’s esteemed Class I certificate, which verifies that Tobia mattresses are safe enough for babies and small children.”


oams: Tobia’s foams are made by the premium European foam manufacturer and received the 2002 Support Award for Renewable Raw Materials – for being the first in the world to use plant oil in foam formulations. Today, the level of plant oils in Tobia mattresses is still 2-4 times higher than in our competitors' mattresses.

Covers: Tobia uses premium-designed covers made with natural yarns. For example, the Tubes, Innovation and Memory Plus have a natural surface layer of 100% organic cotton (certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS).

Fire Barrier: Our fire barrier is made from Visil – a fire resistant viscose-silica (natural) fiber. Viscose is a form of wood cellulose acetate that comes from trees.

Adhesives & Foundations: All adhesives used in Tobia mattresses are water-based and are certified by Greenguard to not emit dangerous VOC’s. Our foundations are made with FSC-certified wood.

Award-Winning Nature-Inspired Design: The Tobia Tubes’ design won the prestigious 2007 Interzum Award in the “Intelligent Material and Design” category. The Tubes is also LGA-tested and quality-certified as the best mattress in inner air-circulation and moisture elimination.


The open cell structure of Tobia mattresses allows air to flow out from the foam, dissipating heat and wicking away moisture. Customers will find none of the heating issues of other memory foam mattresses. This is a result of the transpiration capabilities (ability to dissipate moisture) of our memory foam – at up to 45 gallons/ min, our foams’ transpiration capability is at least twice as great as our best “open cell” competitor and up to four times better that the biggest brand competitor.


Due to our compressed packaging, transport of Tobia mattresses has a lower carbon footprint than shipping of normal mattresses. A 40-foot shipping container can hold approximately 300-350 compressed Tobia mattresses compared to 90-100 regular mattresses. This not only reduces the amount of fossil fuel and heat-trapping carbon pollution generated to transport our beds, but also cuts our transport costs.

Tobia takes pride in doing our part to lead the mattress industry in a more sustainable direction. We make sure our green claims are accurate and transparent by choosing suppliers whose materials are certified by top independent organizations such as Oeko-tex, GOTS and Greenguard.

Our Certifications and Memberships

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